Harvestore @ E-MRS Fall

Harvestore will be present at next E-MRS Fall meeting (Warsaw, Sept. 16th to 19th) with a special session within the symposium A: “Ion-related phenomena in nanoscale oxide systems: from fundamentals to applications”. Contributions from several project partners will be presented. Click here for the full list of invited speakers and for more info.
The deadline for the abstracts’ submission is May 20th: hurry up to stay up-to-date with the world of Nanoioncs!

Open position

The Harvestore Team at IREC (Barcelona) is looking for a PhD candidate in the field of Nanomaterials for Energy. Do you want to be part of the IoT revolution? Apply!

Press release – MinaNews

Read here an abstract from the interview that one of our project partners, CNRS research Scientist Monica Burriel, gave for “MinaNews”, the magazine of the Grenoble Microtechnology Campus. A privilege for our French speaking followers 🙂

Press release

A summary presenting our goals and mission has been published today on an article by the EU commission.

Here is the link to the page.

Harvestore – A new paradigm for the Internet of Things

The internet of things will revolutionise the way in which we interact with the world around us: sensors of temperature, presence, traffic density will measure data and communicate to a control unit for decision-making. Autonomous actions for process optimization, intervention, environmental safeguard will be taken without human intervention.

IoT is an universe in fast expansion. A countless number of applications can be imagined: smart cities, remote health care, automated production lines…. We expect 27 billion devices to be installed by 2025, but how will they be powered? Batteries are bulky and environmentally unfriendly, thus strongly limiting the possibility of device miniaturization, at the same time posing serious problems of sustainability. Embracing the IoT in our lives will require the advent of a new generation of portable power sources. For this, the project HarveStore aims to introduce a family of micro-energy sources (m-Harvestorers) which will be autonomous, rechargeable and will offer high specific power (0.5-10 mW and 1-100 J) for full integration with the nodes of the future IoT. The m-Harvestorers will work on two steps: energy harvesting from ubiquitous heat and light and energy storage in the form of a fuel or of electric charge. Such two steps will be carried out at the same time and the total footprint of the device will not exceed 1 cm3. Harvestore will provide power on your fingertip.

The scientific and technological foundations of the project are related to the highly advanced concepts of Nanoioncs and Iontronics, for which new materials can be designed ad-hoc by taking advantage of local effects at the nanoscale. This way, surprising properties of fast conduction and high storage capacity can be obtained. The concepts behind Nanoionics and Iontronics have already been proven by advanced research experiments and, with HarveStore, we want to feed them into mainstream technology by taking advantage of silicon microfabrication techniques. Silicon ensures superior manufacturability, cost-effectiveness and the possibility to host dense structures in a seamless architecture; all in an environmentally friendly material. Silicon is the champion to bring micro and nano technologies to the economy of scale and is therefore the material of choice for the support of our m-Harvestorers.

The HarveStore consortium puts together some of the main actors of science and technology across Europe. Research, technology centers and advanced industries from 6 different countries have joined their efforts with the goal of opening-up a new technology paradigm in the world of IoT.

Upcoming fairs and conferences

StartUp Olé

Thanks to our partner AEInnova, we will be present with a stand at the next Startup Olé fair (Salamanca, ES, March 26th-28th). Download the event flyer here.

E-MRS Fall

The European Material Research Society meeting is among the reference conferences in the topic and will take place in Warsaw, PL, from Sept. 16th to 19th. Here, a special “Harvestore” session will be hosted within symposium A: “Ion-related phenomena in nanoscale oxide systems: from fundamentals to applications”. A selection of invited and contributed speakers will focus on the latest advances in the fields of energy harvesting and of micro-devices. The conference postcard is available here.

Abstract submission is open till May 20th.

Kickoff Meeting

Representative of all partners joined the Harvestore kick-off meeting, which took place at IREC (Barcelona) on Dec. 17th and 18th. The agenda was led by the project coordinator Albert Tarancon and included the presentation of all the partners involved, a general overview of the project and a first round-table on the specific work packages. Interesting discussions, great participation and a good outcome for starting the work!